Emergency Management Oceanside

Cooling Spaces in Oceanside
There are several locations in the Oceanside region regularly open to the public which offer cooling spaces, such as libraries and recreational facilities. A map identifying cooling spaces in the area is available here.

Be prepared for warmer temperatures.
To avoid heat-related illness, it is critical to understand the risk, prepare for these conditions, and know where to access support if needed. With rising temperatures during the summer months, heat-related illnesses have become more common. But did you know it can almost always be prevented? Familiarize yourself with the symptoms and how they can be prevented or treated if symptoms are mild. For information on how best to be prepared for extreme heat, refer to this link.

Welcome to Emergency Management Oceanside

The emergency programs for the City of Parksville and Town of Qualicum Beach work in unison to provide large scale emergency support and disaster service to residents of the Parksville-Qualicum Beach area. The Emergency Management Oceanside partnership provides an efficient, effective and cooperative approach to managing emergencies in our region. EMO provides professional 24/7 emergency support and has the capacity to develop and undertake preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery planning. This website was developed by the City of Parksville and Town of Qualicum Beach as a resource for the residents of Oceanside.



This HRVA provides a comparison of risks posed to the region across the full spectrum of hazards, including natural, technological, and conflict-related hazards. By providing a view of the relative risks across all hazards, local decision-makers are better able to prioritize risk management and emergency preparedness activities by focusing on the hazards that pose the greatest risk.