The Emergency Management Oceanside staff and volunteers respond to emergency evacuations; most are house and apartment fires. Often, those impacted by these events do not have insurance to help with the financial challenges following after an emergency.


Buying a home is probably the largest single financial investment you have ever made. No matter how well built your home is, you are still vulnerable to fire, theft and other perils. There are different types of homeowners' insurance depending on your situation. Inquire about coverage for different perils in your region which can be done by speaking with an insurance broker.


Tenants need insurance too. Tenant insurance will help to protect property as well as damage caused by the tenant. If you don't have insurance, you would be held responsible for your actions. Even if the landlord or your neighbour's insurance covered the damage claims, their insurance companies would come to you to recover costs for repairs and/or replacement of damaged property. Tenant insurance protects you from having to cover these costs out of your own pocket. You will probably never need to submit an insurance claim, but home or tenant insurance is peace of mind you should not live without.

Business Owners

For businesses and non-profit groups in Canada, having the right insurance is essential to surviving and thriving in a world that is full of opportunity, but also full of risk. The right type and amount of insurance will provide some financial peace of mind to organizations navigating their way through the sometimes-complex world of business.

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