Get Prepared


Being FireSmart

FireSmart is a shared responsibility. For residents living in a fire-prone ecosystem, it is essential to take steps to protect our families, properties and communities from wildfire. Working together as a neighbourhood and implementing FireSmart strategies could help transform homes and properties into a firebreak, protecting ourselves and other from spreading wildfire.

Resident involvement is key in helping prevent wildfires and decrease the risk of loss or damage to homes and communities. By making your home and neighbourhoods FireSmart, firefighters can concentrate on fighting wildfires which in turn helps to save land. Here’s some information to get you started:

FireSmart begins at home:

  • Homeowner manual outlines the program and how homeowners can make their property and neighbourhood FireSmart.
  • Fire Smart 101 is a short course for those just getting started with FireSmart and wishing to learn more.

Wildfire preparedness and prevention:

For more information, contact your local fire department: